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Overview of Bangladesh


Socio-economic classification of population: 


The socio-economic classification of population of Dhaka city is carried out on a yearly basis by Nielsen Bangladesh as a part of their survey report on Nielsen Media and Demographic Survey (NMDS). 

For the SEC classification purpose the following information are considered:

► Marital status

► Number of years married

► Number of children

► Family size

► Education of respondent and chief wage earner

► Occupation of respondent and chief wage earner

► Monthly Family Income (Disposable) and respondent’s personal income

► Age and sex

► Ownership of household durable

► Ownership of land (arable, homestead etc,)

► Ownership of house & types

The NMDS (National Minimum Data Set) Survey 2011 was conducted in April 2011 and a sample size of 14,400 was considered for the survey purpose. According to the survey, only 12% of the city’s population belongs to SEC A category with an average income of more than BDT 30,000 per month where as 40% of the population belongs to SEC D category having a monthly income less than BDT 6,000.  Within SEC A, the 12% of the total population may be further divided into SEC A1, A2, A3 and A4. SEC A1, represents the population earning more than BDT 150,000 per month.


Socio Economic Classification


This rage of industrial and infrastructural growth helped in creating a large reservoir of skilled and semi-skilled work force suitable for multi sectors.

Over the past few years, Bangladesh has taken bold steps towards growth in the industrial sector and there has been an influx of foreign investors into the country.

In short, Bangladesh is a country on the march. With its huge potential and large trained population base, the country is capable of lifting itself to a higher stage of economic reform; foreign exchange control is standardized, private entrepreneurship is encouraged, privatization and public private partnership is more focused, a number of incentive oriented policies have been formulated to attract foreign investors resulting into development as well as assisting other nations to cope with the manpower shortage by exporting surplus Bangladeshi manpower to those countries.


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