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Overview of Bangladesh

Workers of multi sector in Bangladesh


Bangladesh A Suitable Source of Manpower

Through the passage of time since the country emerged in 1971, Bangladesh was prone to overpopulation. Around the end of seventies the population of the country was looked at as problem. The Government of Bangladesh converted the problem to its power by exporting Skilled, Semi-skilled, and unskilled manpower. The country now is so mature in this field that it managed to keep a solid GDP growth, which has a massive contribution from the remittance of the exported manpower all over the world.

Bangladesh Government implemented and organized the administration of exporting manpower out of Bangladesh Ministered by the  


Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment

The ministry http://www.probashi.gov.bd/ is capable of taking care of most of the requirements of recruiting agencies and the qualified workers.

There are four government organizations under this ministry;

BMET http://www.bmet.gov.bd/BMET/index

Probashi Kalyan Bankhttp://pkb.gov.bd/

BOESL                                    http://www.boesl.org.bd/

Welfare Board                         http://www.wewb.gov.bd/

Location Map

Head Office:

House-30, Road-18, Block-A
Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Email:azamhrd@yahoo.com, info@azamoverseasbd.com